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Saranya Babuselvan
Saranya Babuselvan
The Natural food In product we got was really fresh and healthy, and the same-day delivery was a huge help. Thanks
MSc Flori And Landscaping
MSc Flori And Landscaping
Naturals— i could get all the nuts and seeds at one place..the quality is really good
Gowri Jagadheeshwaran
Gowri Jagadheeshwaran
"Love the Honey Amla and Detox Mix from The Natural Food.In in R.S.Puram! Super fresh and natural. The quality is top-notch. Highly recommend!"
Naveen kumar .N
Naveen kumar .N
Good Quality Products...
saravanakumar s
saravanakumar s
Regularly buying dry fruits and nuts from Naturals. All the time I get good quality and tasty products. I strongly recommend. Wish you most and more
Venkatachalam R
Venkatachalam R
I recently tried the Pepper Cashew from The Natural Food store, and it has quickly become a household favorite, especially among the kids. The combination of crunchy cashews, aromatic ghee, and a hint of peppery goodness creates an addictive snack that's hard to resist. The fact that a 250g pack disappeared within half a day in our household is a testimonial to its popularity, especially among kids. Be warned though, once you start, it's hard to stop
Best Dry fruit store in Coimbatore! We purchased gift hampers for our clients for return gifts and complementary gifts. The quality and packing was premium quality and feel. They also have health mix, weight loss mix, detox mix, mixed nuts, millets, healthy cookies, cashews, pista, imported dates and makhanas. Nice shop in RS Puram, near Nehru school.
Ganesh kumar S
Ganesh kumar S
Good quality products at whole sale rate.. Looking for a long journey with this concern, The Nature Food.
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